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Between LA & the SE over Meridian Speedway

The most direct route between California and the Southeast

Browse Between LA & the SE over Meridian Speedway

NS made a significant investment in the $300 million Meridian Speedway joint venture between NS and Kansas City Southern. This  320-mile rail line between Meridian, Miss., and Shreveport, La., increases capacity and improves service by eliminating 150 route miles on transcontinental shipments. It takes a full day out of the transit schedule.

The Meridian Speedway gives NS the competitive footing with coast-to-coast long-haul trucking. And it offers automotive manufacturers in the South the shortest, most direct route from points in the Southeast to California markets. Vehicles are shipped on multilevel rail cars that depart Atlanta on NS intermodal trains and move over the Meridian Speedway en route to Los Angeles.