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Thoroughbred Direct

Save money while gaining a competitive edge.

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Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Norfolk Southern, provides transportation solutions to everyone from third-party logistics companies to steamship lines and trucking companies. The robust supply chain services provide support for customers’ most complex distribution challenges.

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Stay ahead with long-term pricing for repetitive business.

Fixed Intermodal Rate Management (F.I.R.M) offers customers firm pricing with long-term rate stability and consistent capacity in exchange for a volume commitment. F.I.R.M also can accommodate pools, multiple stops, and other logistical challenges.

Save with transactional freight opportunities.

Modal-X is NS' Web-based door-to-door intermodal service. It’s designed to help you save by dynamically linking transactional freight opportunities for door-to-door transportation purchases for those transportation companies looking for next-day pickups. 

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Get premiere ramp-door-ramp service for private trailers.

The Nor’Easter provides premier ramp-door-ramp service for private equipment, including trailers so customers can move their load efficiently. Plus, it helps customers in and out of overbalanced markets in the Northeast.

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