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Short Line Integration

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Norfolk Southern works with short line partners to ensure high levels of customer service and eliminate reporting errors for the following events:

  • Interchange Receipts
  • Interchange Deliveries
  • Actual placements
  • Releases
  • Constructive Placements *
  • Pulls or Initial Departures
  • Bad Orders (To/From)
  • Arrivals at Final Destinations*
  • Holds (To/From)
  • Intermediate Arrivals *
  • Departures *
  • Ramps
  • De-ramps
  • In-gates (HHAR and HIGT)
  • Out-gates (HADR and HOGT)
  • Notified Destination Party *
  • Interchanges To/From TRUK

* Credit-only events—railroads receive credit when they report these events but NS does not charge if these events are missing.