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Frequent Contacts Related to Short Lines

Browse Frequent Contacts Related to Short Lines

Access frequently called numbers related to short lines by department below.

Accounting Contacts

Car accounting (car hire) - 404-529-1011, 1171
Handling line accounting - 404-526-1271
Haulage accounting - 404-529-1192
ISS accounting questions - 404-527-3494
Switch carrier accounting - 404-582-6383
Overcharge claims – 404-529-1794

Operations & Service Support (OSS)

Advanced consists, waybill data, car/locomotive location, data quality and car ordering



Requirements for Shipping Locomotives

Correcting/Submitting Bill of Lading


Electronic Commerce

800-635-5768 or

Environmental Spills

540-981-4059 24 hours, seven days a week

Industrial Development

Robert Bowling, director Central Region

Roger Bennett, director mid-Atlantic Region

Jason Reiner, director Southern Region

NS Police

24 hours, 7 days a week


Agriculture - 540-524-6317

Chemicals - 540-524-6305 

Metals & Construction - 540-524-6736 

Paper, Clay & Forest - 757-823-5287 

Intermodal Pricing - 757-533-4936 

Coal - 540-524-6714

Accessorial/Contract Services (Tariff Publishing) - 540-524-6150

Automotive - 757-823-5365 (Norfolk), 313-323-5915 (Detroit)

Operational Awareness & Response

The Norfolk Southern team provides a menu of emergency response training options. If you are an emergency responder (including: fire department, law enforcement, emergency medical services, hazmat response team, emergency management personnel, military, homeland security personnel, shippers, and customers) and are interested in training, please contact us at  to provide you options in your community. Please review our training options on the website below: