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Chemicals Marketing Group Contacts

Kathleen Smith
Group Vice President
757-823-5367 office

Matt Bailey
Manager Business Analytics
757-823-5494 office

Plastics, Crude Oil, Natural Gas Liquids & Petroleum Products

Cliff Garner
Director Marketing
757-668-1541 office

Lindsey Chism     
Group Manager
757-668-1563 office

Todd Hargrave   
Market Manager
Polystyrene, PET
757-668-1534 office

Bernie Williams        
Group Manager- Hydrocarbons
Crude Oil, NGLs, Petroleum Products
757-668-1628 office

Robert Poole     
Senior Account Manager
Crude Oil
757-668-1558 office

Sherietta Thweatt
Market Manager
Natural Gas Liquids / LPG / Condensate
757-823-5363 office

Asphalt, Chlor-Alkali, Industrial Chemicals, Sulfur / Sulfuric Acid, WasteSolutioNS

Carol Orndorff
Director Marketing
757-668-1538 office

Sara Throckmorton
Group Manager- Organic
Organic Industrial
757-629-2669 office

James Aspatore    
Market Manager
Asphalt, Sulfur, Rubber
757-668-1678 office

Michael Bradford-Calhoun
Assistant Market Manager
Glycols, Phenol
757-668-1565 work

Kevin Fizer
Group Manager- Inorganic and Environmental
WasteSolutioNS, Soda Ash, TIH
757-668-1539 office

David Pearman
Market Manager
Rock Salt, Sulfuric Acid, Inorganic Industrial
757-823-5422 office