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Agriculture, Fertilizer, and Consumer Products Group Contacts

Pat Simonic
Group VP – Agriculture, Fertilizer & CP
757-668-1578 phone

Matt Bailey
Manager Business Analytics
757-823-5494 phone

Grain and grain products

Ryan Leonard
Director Marketing
757-668-1542 phone

Chris Spiceland
National Account Manager
Grain and Feed
757-668-1554 phone

Bob George
Market Manager
757-668-1566 phone

Jordan Young
Assistant Market Manager
757-668-1580 phone

Rob Helmick
Market Manager
Soybeans/Food Oils
757-668-1543 phone

Brian Myers
Market Manager
757-668-1557 phone

Ethanol, sweeteners / starches, fertilizer, and food products

Leggett Kitchin
Director Marketing
757-668-1516 phone

Tom Landrum
National Account Manager
Ethanol, Sweeteners and Starch
757-668-1569 phone

Tim Graves, Jr.
Senior Market Manager
Ethanol and Biodiesel
757-533-4938 phone

Jason Fuller
Market Manager
757-668-1537 phone

Alex Luna
Market Manager
Sweeteners and Starch
757-668-1576 phone

Steve Young
Market Manager
Food Products
757-668-1548 phone