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Which pricing authority covers my shipment?

NS has two pricing publications that cover lumber/panel shipments: NSQ-43500 and NSQ-43040.

NSQ-43500 applies to shipments that do not originate from an NS-served origin. The originating railroad delivers the car to NS at interchange for final delivery. NSQ-43500 pricing covers the routing beyond interchange for final delivery to locations served by NS directly, on NS handling lines, or specified Short Line destinations. For instance, Canadian and Pacific Northwest originated lumber will rate on NSQ-43500.

NSQ-43500 covers the following interchange gateways: Birmingham, Ala.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Chicago, Ill.; Cincinnati, OH; Detroit, Mich.; Hagerstown, Md.; Kansas City, Mo.; Memphis, Tenn.; Meridian, Miss.; Mobile, Ala.; New Orleans, La.; Petersburg, Va.; Rouses Point, N.Y.; Schenectady, N.Y.; St Louis, Mo.; and Toledo, OH.

NSQ-43040 applies to shipments that originate from an NS-served origin, Handling Line, or specified Short Line. From these origins, NSQ-43040 provides through rates to your final destination or a Rule 11 rate to select gateways for forwarding. For instance, lumber originating at an NS-served mill in Georgia will rate on NSQ-43040.

What are Handling Lines, Switch Carriers, and Short Lines, and how do they impact my pricing?

Handling Lines, Switch Carriers, and Short Line railroads are all indeed Short Lines; however, each category has a different accounting relationship with NS. NS’ pricing includes the Handling Line or Switch Carrier’s portion of the rate, but shows “NS Direct” as the routing. A limit may be placed on the amount of Switch Charge included in the rate. Any limit on the amount of Switch Charge to be included in the rate will be identified in the notes section of the rate. For shipments to or from a Short Line without a Switch Carrier or Handling Line designation, you will see a through rate with routing to identify NS, the interchange, and the Short Line carrier in question. 

How do I know if my facility/customer is rail-served?

Developed by Railinc, Rail Service Finder (RSF) provides customers, railroads, and other users seeking to ship freight by rail a quick and easy way to identify serving carrier(s) for their own or their customers’ locations. If no information is available through RSF or you have additional questions about rail service, please contact your NS sales representative or market manager.

How to access RSF: 

What fuel surcharge applies to my shipment?

NSQ-43500 is not subject to fuel surcharge. NSQ-43040 is subject to fuel surcharge; therefore, you will not incur an additional charge for fuel on top of the rate applicable to your shipment.

How often do the rates change?

NSQ-43500 and NSQ-43040 are subject to change on 20 days’ notice

What if I want to use private cars?

Rates in NSQ-43500 and NSQ-43040 apply to both railroad and private cars.

What are FSAC 60000 series destinations?

NS Freight Station Accounting Codes (FSAC) from 60000 to 69999 are reserved for handling line locations. If the location in question has an FSAC from 60000-69999, NS’ service to the subject location is due to a handling line agreement.

How do I know what group a station falls into?

A listing of Groups and Station members has been made available for download here and in the Resources section of this page.

How do I find a rate?

Anyone with an AccessNS account can view NS rates through the “Rate Inquiry” application. If you do not have an account, click here for more information.