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Hoosac Tunnel Service Disruption Update

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Feb 27, 2020

Following is an update on the Hoosac Tunnel service disruption on Norfolk Southern’s partner line, Pan AmSouthern, which affects all trains operating between Mechanicville, New York, and Ayer, Massachusetts. 

Pan Am Railway continues to work on repairs but the line is expected to remain out of service until at least mid-March.  Norfolk Southern continues to work with our interline rail partners on detouring over alternate routes: 

  • General Merchandise traffic to Ayer, MA is moving over a detour route.  The embargo was lifted on this traffic February 23rd

  • Automotive traffic to Davisville, RI will move over a detour route though there is some backlog of traffic that is being worked down.  The embargo was lifted on February 21st.

  • Automotive traffic to Ayer, MA remains under embargo.  Norfolk Southern continues to look for viable detours for this traffic.

  • Intermodal gates remain closed to all shipments billed for movement to and from Ayer.

Customers with traffic moving through this area should expect delays of 48-72 hours.

The latest ETA and routing information are always available through AccessNS.

Norfolk Southern apologizes for the disruption this will cause our valued customers. Customers with questions regarding service should contact their Customer Service representative.


Thank you for your business.