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Wire, Pipeline, and Fiber Optics Projects

License wire, pipeline, and fiber optics projects.

Browse Wire, Pipeline, and Fiber Optics Projects

Norfolk Southern offers fiber optic installation opportunities throughout its 22-state network and pipe and wire licensing options along 19,500 miles of rights of way.

Obtain wireline and pipeline licenses.

To assist utilities, municipalities, and others in obtaining a utility occupancy license for wireline and pipeline projects, Norfolk Southern (NS) has retained engineering service provider AECOM to receive the utility applications, review the plans, and handle the license agreements. To initiate the process the applicant must fully complete the application form provided in the link below. Applications which do not include all pertinent information will be rejected immediately. The completed application and a non-refundable application and processing fee is required for handling.

Upon receipt of the application and fee, AECOM will review the package for approval (application does not guarantee approval). AECOM will send the applicant an email confirming receipt of the package and the assigned NS Activity number for tracking purposes. If the application is complete and satisfactory, a utility license agreement will be drafted and forwarded to the applicant for signature approximately 4 weeks after receipt of the application. If additional information or revised engineering plans are required to develop a satisfactory proposal, an email requesting revisions will be sent to the applicant approximately 2-3 weeks after receipt of the application. After return of the partially executed agreement from the applicant, a fully executed agreement will be returned within approximately 2 weeks which will provide NS construction coordination contact information. Seasonal variations in application volume  may result in different actual time frames.

Please send all applications and related correspondence to: 

Attn: NS Pipe and Wire Administrator
1700 Market Street
16th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103

The following files should be used to prepare your application and to develop your project:

General process and handling
Application Form
Specifications for Wireline Occupancy
Specifications for Pipeline Occupancy



Expedited Handling Procedure

Download PDF 46.2 KB

For additional information, please contact us at

Install fiber optics along NS rights of way.

NS subsidiary T-Cubed, Thoroughbred Technology and Telecommunications, offers infrastructure along 19,500 miles of rights of way for telecommunications projects.

This includes fiber optics and wireless arrays installation on 375 existing microwave towers. With a 22-state network, T-Cubed can help you connect major metropolitan areas, regional centers, and small localities.

Contact T-Cubed for more information