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Property Sales FAQs

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If am interested in buying railroad property, which application form should I use?

There is no application form for property sales. Please locate the specific territory contact after determining the property belongs to NS.

Is there a listing or inventory of all NS properties?

NS has thousands of parcels, with availability changing based on operating needs. NS does not maintain a public listing. If you are interested in specific parcels, contact the appropriate property agent.

How can I buy an old railroad building or structure, such as a depot?

Follow the instructions under "Buy Land from NS" on the Property Sales page.  Direct inquiries to lease or purchase a depot to the appropriate property agent, who will review depot availability.

How can I obtain a copy of the deed to a piece of railroad property?

NS does not provide research services or data on railroad property.  Contact the local county records office, retain a title company, or contact a real estate professional for assistance.

How do I obtain a hiking or biking trail along the railroad?

Because of risks and hazards of pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic adjacent to or across active railroad tracks, NS will not donate, sell, lease, or grant easements along its operating corridors for pedestrian walking/hiking/jogging trails, bikeway paths, parks, or other recreational uses.

NS does not participate in “Rails With Trails” but does participate in “Rails To Trails” on a select basis. See "Obtain Abandoned Track Right of Way” to the left for more information.

How do I determine if property I’m interested in purchasing belongs to NS?

Go to the nearest railroad crossing and look for the identification tag or marker that indicates railroad ownership.