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Purchase property from NS.

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Buy land From NS.

If you are interested in buying land owned by NS, contact the appropriate real estate representative. NS will determine availability of the land and contact you for discussion.

Obtain abandoned track right of way.

If you own land adjacent to NS right of way where the main track has been removed, and you are interested in acquiring NS’ interest in the right of way, submit the following information:

1. A copy of the deed or deeds to your property adjoining the abandoned track right of way. NS typically limits conveyance of abandoned track rights of way to adjoining landowners.

2. A full-size county tax map showing the property of interest and at least a half mile of property on either side. Clearly identify your property on the tax map as well as the property of inquiry.

3. If possible, provide the distance from your property to the railroad, such as from a railroad milepost marker, railroad bridge, or public road crossing the right of way.

4. Provide any print, plat, or survey details that might help identify the property location.

5. Include specific directions, including street names and landmarks, from the closest interstate or highway to the exact location of the subject property.

6. Include a nonrefundable application fee of $500.

7. After NS receives your application and reviews it and the title to the property, a real estate manager will contact you regarding property costs and instructions for completing the transaction.

Send above materials to the appropriate real estate manager: