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Right of Entry FAQs

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I am interested in taking a preview look at the railroad's property to see if it serves my needs. What's the process?

First, take a look through the types of property services the railroad offers. Look at the application forms to see the process involved in entering into a business relationship with NS. If you have further questions about a specific property and have identified NS ownership of the property, contact the appropriate property agent for the territory to discuss your interests further. Any property "previews" must be done with the accompaniment of an NS employee.

Norfolk Southern has hired us to do work for the railroad and we need access to Norfolk Southern's property.

Complete the Right of Entry located on the Access NS Property page.

How do I obtain a grade crossing over railroad tracks?

View the Private Crossings page for more information.

How do I obtain permission to go on railroad land?

Follow the instructions detailed on the Access NS Property or the Private Crossings page.

My club is holding our annual walkathon, bike race or car race and we want to use a trail or road that passes over railroad property.

Access for those uses is not permitted by Norfolk Southern.

If I need to perform maintenance or repair an existing crossing/line what do I need to do?

If you have an existing license with Norfolk Southern and desire to perform maintenance and repair work, please apply under the Pipe and Wire permit application at You will need to have a copy of your license agreement for the application review.

How can I arrange for an industry track to serve my plant, building or industrial park?

How can I get additional access if an agreement already exists?

Contact the appropriate Property Manager responsible for your area.

How may I obtain or review Norfolk Southern's safety requirements?

View the Safety Requirements page.

What if I want to film on Norfolk Southern land?

Access for this use is not permitted by Norfolk Southern.