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How to gain access to railroad property

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Safety of our employees, of individuals in the communities in which we operate, and individuals granted permission to enter railroad property, is our priority.  If you require access to NS property to perform work, you must submit an application to secure railroad approval. Verbal authorization is not valid.

Entry onto railroad property may require the presence of a flagman if the entry occurs within 25 feet of track. Any inquiries regarding flagging should be sent to our Division Office. Contact information for our Division Offices are listed on the below link:

Please be advised, effective April 1, 2014, the application fees will be changed as follows:
$2,000.00 – Environmental
$1,250.00 – Nonenvironmental

For environmental rights of entry

To gain access to NS property for environmental purposes, direct your application to the Law Department:

Diane Hogan 757-629-2817
Law Department, Box 241
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Three Commercial Place
Norfolk VA 23510

Environmental Right of Entry Instructions

Download PDF 233 KB

Environmental Right of Entry Application

Download PDF 175 KB

For non-environmental rights of entry

To obtain entry onto NS property for less than 30 days in duration, refer to the Division Contacts for Right of Entry page, and send your application to the appropriate division superintendent’s office.

For more than 30 days in duration please submit application to:

Norfolk Southern Corporation
Real Estate Department
Attn: Right of Entry Application
1200 Peachtree Street N.E., 12th Floor
Atlanta GA 30309

Non-environmental Right of Entry Instructions

Download PDF 166 KB

Non-environmental Right of Entry Application

Download PDF 481 KB

* Submit applications promptly

Rights of entry often require input from several NS operating departments. To ensure timely review, submit your request well in advance of your proposed entry date. Note that environmental rights of entry can require fees and additional application information.