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Safety Requirements

Safety is our number one priority.

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Safety comes first at Norfolk Southern. Our corporate vision is to “Be the safest, most customer-focused, and successful transportation company in the world.” 

Schedule railroad safety training

Railroad rights of way can be dangerous, so get safety training before coming onto NS property. To schedule a highway-rail safety presentation at your workplace, club, school, fair, or special event, contact your state’s Operation Lifesaver coordinator.

Transport hazardous materials safely.

Environmental responsibility is a core value at NS. The railroad can deny any lease or sales requests based on environmental concerns. NS prohibits the following on NS property:

  • electronics
  • electrical transformer repair or reconditioning
  • asbestos manufacturing
  • blast furnaces
  • steel works
  • rolling and finishing mills
  • smelting and/or refining
  • wood treatment or tie plants
  • salvage operations
  • junk yards
  • scrap dealers
  • drum or barrel reconditioners
  • battery recycling
  • tire storage or recycling
  • waste disposal operations of any kind, including landfills
  • surface impoundments and waste piles
  • incinerators
  • sewage systems
  • electroplating operations
  • fuel blending
  • waste or used oil recycling or reclamation
  • explosives disposal
  • manufacturing or detonation
  • bulk oil storage.
  • any facility requiring a TSD hazardous waste permit and any hazardous waste transload facility

In case of emergency

Contact NS Police Communications at 800-453-2530.