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Project Management Contact Directory

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Our Industrial Development Managers are located at key points across our system and provide an intimate knowledge of their respective territories, available rail-served sites and extensive contacts with the economic development allies in their areas.

These Managers are your first point of contact to gain information on sites, our services and other questions arising from your site search.

Central Region

Chris Ingraham
317-819-7676  phone

Eli Falls
Manager for Iowa, Missouri, Illinois 
314-679-1880 phone
314-679-1884 fax

Dayne Tate
Manager for Indiana 
317-819-7672 phone
317-819-7667 fax

Paul Jeffers
Manager for Ohio 
614-438-6913 phone
614-438-6939 fax

Jake Weir
Manager for Tennessee and Kentucky 
865-521-1136 phone
865-521-1484 fax

Mid-Atlantic Region

Roger Bennett
717-541-2230 phone
717-541-2435 fax

Anne Jacobs
Manager for Western PA and Western NY 
717-541-2231 phone
717-541-2435 fax

Pete Fontana
Manager for Eastern PA, Eastern NY, New Jersey and New England
717-541-2205 phone
717-541-2435 fax

Amanda Nesmith
Manager for Eastern VA, Maryland and Delaware 
757-823-5482 phone
757-823-5425 fax

Dan Motley
Manager for Western VA & West Virginia 
540-524-4586 phone
540-524-4226 fax

Southern Region

Robert Bowling
404-529-2245 phone
404-529-1057 fax

Mike Grim
Manager for Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana
205-451-4749 phone
205-451-4751 fax

William Tate
Manager for Georgia and Florida 
404-529-1856 phone
404-653-3476 fax


Brian Gwin
Manager for South Carolina
803-748-1284 phone
803-748-1288 fax

Troy Akers
Manager for North Carolina 
919-831-3092 phone
919-831-3041 fax