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Diversity and Inclusion - Thrive - Don't just work here, thrive here.

Founded in 2004 as a women’s network group, WiNS has grown to help both the women and men of NS push the envelope, advance their careers, and expand their networks. WiNS aims to enhance our industry knowledge and create resources for career enrichment. WiNS’s diverse team helps support all who work toward fulfilling the vision of Norfolk Southern.

Leadership & Development:

WiNS strives to encourage employees to develop leadership skills, grow and retain NS women in leadership roles and provide members access to developmental resources.  Through WiNS-sponsored events, members can gain first-hand insight into corporate finance, marketing growth opportunities, safety practices, operations know-how, and technology projects that help NS achieve its mission.

Career Resources:

WiNS offers educational tools and a library of resources to help employees better understand railroad operations, the contributions of NS departments, and how to make a difference in the workplace.


WiNS provides a variety of opportunities for NS employees to interact both professionally and personally for the purposes of learning, networking, and gaining support across departments and levels of the company.

What does WiNS stand for?

WiNS is the Women's network at NS. The "i" in WiNS is flexible and meant to represent any number of things that we do for the betterment of ourselves and NS. For example, we innovate customer service. We integrate teams to drive performance. We inspire others when we serve our communities. We're individuals striving together for success.

More women are joining NS’ field operations

Mike Wheeler, executive vice president and chief operating officer, has always been an avid supporter of female employees. He spearheaded the first "women in transportation" and "women in engineering" events, and the annual "women in field operations" event at Brosnan Forest. Wheeler continues to invite WiNS to participate in these events and explore ...

A commitment to employee diversity

Diverse abilities and experiences brought the WiNS panel members to Norfolk Southern, where they have honed their skills and become company leaders. During employee panel discussions at NS office locations in Norfolk and Atlanta, they talked about challenges facing women leaders, finding opportunities for career growth, the value of having and being a mentor, and maintaining a work-life balance.