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Toastmasters International

Diversity and Inclusion - Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International has grown to become a world leader in helping people become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. The nonprofit organization has nearly 250,000 members in more than 12,500 clubs in 106 countries, offering a proven way to practice and hone communication and leadership skills.

As an extension of the Toastmasters International organization, NS Toasters on Track formed chapters in Norfolk and Atlanta. Toastmasters offers a unique opportunity to practice communication and leadership skills in a supportive, enjoyable environment. 

Improve Communication:

Communication skills are essential in every career and business environment. NS Toasters on Track provides employees with a proven means to develop their ability to communicate clearly, precisely, and persuasively to enhance the value of employees within the organization.

Develop Public Speaking Skills:

Designed to help employees become more comfortable speaking to audiences. We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop public speaking skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Leadership Development:

Participants practice and learn leadership skills by filling a meeting role, ranging from giving a prepared speech or an impromptu one to serving as timer, evaluator or grammarian.

At Toastmasters, NS employees strive for GreatNS

In a company culture where employees love to invent “NS” words – think WiNS, WellNS, YoungNS, BizNS, VeteraNS, GeneratioNS – Mark Myers has introduced another winner: GreatNS.