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Inclusion powers progress.

Diversity and Inclusion - Thrive - Don't just work here, thrive here.

Promoting inclusion, collaboration, and innovation across our network.

The Inclusion Council is made up of close to 60 members from diverse backgrounds, tenure, roles, and locations across our network. The members went through a competitive application process to serve on the council.

As a single, unified body, the Inclusion Council is optimally positioned to advance inclusion initiatives across the entire company. An enterprise-wide approach also allows council members in the office and the field to gain a more holistic view of the employee landscape and better cross-functionally support each other.


The Inclusion Council leads employee-­driven inclusion initiatives that empower employees to authentically express themselves, explore different points of view, and question institutional norms. The Inclusion Council’s three core pillars– inclusion, collaboration, and innovation – are interrelated and are each vital for our organization’s transformation and efforts to create a more engaging experience for all NS employees

Inclusion Council Pillars

Inclusion - Cultivate an inclusive work environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and comfortable being their authentic selves.

Collaboration - Foster connections to bridge siloes, accelerate the flow of ideas and information, and establish strategic alignment for inclusion initiatives and strategy.

Innovation - Identify current gaps in the employee experience, benchmark successful inclusion efforts, and develop new inclusion initiatives to pursue positive change.

Inclusion Council Chairs


The Inclusion Council is led by two co-chairs, Calvin Walker and Muhammad Varachhia, who are passionate about promoting inclusion at NS.

Calvin Walker (left): I have 23 years of experience with Norfolk Southern, and am currently working as a Track Patrol Foreman with the Maintenance of Way group in the Engineering Department, but have worked all over the NS system.

It is truly a great honor to serve as Co-Chair of the Inclusion Council and I look forward to making sure all of our fellow co-workers feel they are a part of this initiative. Diversity & Inclusion represents everyone, no matter their background. It is important that employees feel their voice is heard, valued, and responded to.

An Inclusive workplace, in my opinion, combines a great company atmosphere, employee morale, and positive work experiences. I have previously served as the Chair of the Pocahontas Diversity & Inclusion Council, Chairman for several Local Safety & Service Committees, multiple ERG leadership councils, and a Peer-to-Peer Representative for the Employee Assistance Program. I also volunteer several days a week with the Roanoke Rescue Mission and Feeding America of Southwest Virginia. These efforts equate to the most rewarding work I’ve ever done.

Muhammad Varachhia (right): I joined Norfolk Southern in 2015 and currently work in Information Security. In 2018, I led the YoungNS Leadership and Development sub-committee. Last year, I was elected Chair of YoungNS and worked to establish key relationships with community partners. I also led initiatives on more than 29 events for the year while still implementing a cost-conscious strategy.

To further cultural awareness, I led the team that developed the first Ramadan event at Norfolk Southern with the Diversity and Inclusion Council. Outside of work, I enjoy serving on management teams of several local and national non-profit organizations, spending time with family, and traveling. I look forward to everything the Inclusion Council has set out to accomplish this year as we continue to promote an inclusive work culture.