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Safety and Service Awards

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The Safety and Environmental Department’s “safety karaoke” booth, a hit at the Safety and Service Expo, highlighted the importance of peer-to-peer communication in workplace safety.


Around 1,000 invited employees attended Norfolk Southern’s 2014 Safety and Service Awards Celebration in Atlanta. Work groups from across the company were recognized for their achievements in workplace safety and customer service during 2013. Below are work groups recognized for safety.

Safety Leadership Forum Award

Class 1 railroads, through the Association of American Railroads, created the Safety Leadership Forum in 2012 to replace the Harriman Awards ceremony. Railroads select representatives to attend the forum and discuss best safety practices.

Norfolk Southern’s representative for 2014: Detroit Terminal safety and service committee.

NS’ Operations Division Safety & Service Committee, led by EVP Operations Mark Manion, chose Detroit Terminal based on its proactive teamwork and interdepartmental approach to safety. Joint safety checkups across transportation, mechanical, and engineering reinforce safe working habits among all work groups. With its slogan, “Change the World,” the terminal’s safety and service committee actively uses behavior-based safety principles.

Other finalists for the award: Bellevue Yard communications & signals; the Louisville Sluggers at Louisville Terminal; Shenandoah Virginia Mechanical; Harrisburg Consolidated Terminals safety and service committee; and the Charleston, S.C., safety and service committee.

Engineering Department

Best Safety Performance

Communications & Signals

Division: All five winners worked with zero reportable injuries.

Group 1: Dearborn, Pittsburgh
Group 2: Alabama, Georgia, Pocahontas

Region: Northern

Communications & Signals Construction

All three winners worked with zero reportable injuries.
Lines East, Western Region Group 1, Lines West-CGA

Maintenance of Way – Regions


Maintenance of Way – Divisions

Group 1: Dearborn
Group 2: Central

Maintenance of Way – Production Gangs

Ft. Wayne: This winning team worked with zero reportable injuries.

Maintenance of Way – Shops

Charlotte Roadway Shop

Best safety group in Engineering

Communications & Signals

Mechanical Department

Best Safety Performance


Group 1: Piedmont
Group 2: Illinois


All of the winning shops worked with zero reportable injuries.

Group 1: Conway
Group 2: Enola Locomotive, Roanoke, Elkhart    

Best Safety group within Mechanical


Outstanding Group Performance

These work groups finished the year at or below the corporate safety goal.

Group 1: Lake territory, Alabama, Harrisburg
Group 2: Central              

Transportation Department

Best Safety Performance


Group 1: Dearborn
Group 2: Harrisburg


All groups worked with zero reportable injuries.

Group 1: Kansas City, Chattanooga, Elkhart, Norfolk
Group 2: Charlotte, Allentown, Louisville, New Orleans, Sheffield, Linwood



Outstanding Safety Performance



Operations Departments

This award recognizes the safety achievements of operations employees across all departments in the Operations Division.

Best Safety Performance

Operating Divisions

Group 1: Harrisburg
Group 2: Virginia

Support Services

Best Safety Performance

All groups worked with zero reportable injuries.

Crew Management Center, Operation Services and Support, Mail Room and Reprographics, Intermodal Operations, Police Operations Building Security


Best Safety Performance

Accounting Operations-Roanoke, Engineering Miscellaneous




Service Awards
Below are groups recognized for service performance in 2013.

Transportation Department

Outstanding Service

Region Award

Northern: Employees here handle some of NS’ most time-sensitive freight, including UPS and FedEx, and have seen rapid growth in crude oil shipments moving to the East Coast. While achieving the lowest injury ratio in 2013, employees handled increased traffic volumes and maintained high service levels in on-time train departures, connections, plan adherence, and work order compliance. Implementation of culture change initiatives has led to more coordinated efforts in improving service and operating efficiencies. 

Western: Employees here achieved an unprecedented year in service, including all-time highs for on-time train performance, even while implementing new technologies. Employees maintained strong train performance, for example, during the roll out of the Unified Train Control System auto-router technology. UTCS, now used on all regions, gives dispatchers a global view of the network rather than a single dispatch territory.

Eastern: Employees here improved operating efficiencies and maintained high service levels while handling increased traffic volumes on the Crescent Corridor and record volumes at the BMW auto facility in Greer, S.C. Employees provided strong train performance, connection performance, and plan adherence. Employees reduced expenses while handling higher shipment volumes. 

Best System Hump Yard

Northern Region: Conway
Western Region: Chattanooga
Eastern Region: Linwood

Best Regional Flat Yard

Northern Region: Ft. Wayne
Western Region: Inman
Eastern Region: Crewe

Special Service Award

Eastern Region: For accomplishments handling coal shipments, with 21.9 million tons moving through Pier 6, the highest volume year since 1998.

Northern Region: For accomplishments handling crude oil, which grew by 200 percent during the past year, reaching nearly 75,000 carloads.

Western Region: For accomplishments handling grain shipments, including 174 trains to New Orleans, a 27 percent increase over the 2012 season.

Mechanical Department                  

Resolving Mission Critical Troubles

Best System Shop

Enola Locomotive Shop  

Best Division Shop

Birmingham Locomotive Shop                   

Best Management of Car Repair Tracks

Chattanooga Terminal  

Engineering Department

Production Gangs

Best Overall System Production Gang: R3            

Best Super Tie Gang:  T&S-8       

Best Standard Tie Gang:   T&S-23             

Best Surfacing Gang: S6

Best Standard Single-Sided Rail Gang: R8              

Maintenance of Way and Structures

Best Performance Group

Group 1: Pocahontas     

Group 2: Alabama           

Communication and Signals

Outstanding Service Support Project   

NW Signal Construction : During 2013, the signals gang upgraded track infrastructure over a 77-mile stretch of track between Norfolk and Petersburg as part of a partnership between NS and Virginia to establish Amtrak passenger rail on the line. The gang installed equipment for bi-directional signals, new control points, universal crossovers, and crossing upgrades for Amtrak speeds up to 79 mph. The project, financed by Virginia, has increased capacity, flexibility, and operating efficiencies, benefiting Amtrak and NS.