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Pointing the way to success

NS Human Resources employees, from left, Justin Nelson, training specialist, Jocelyn Calma, training analyst, Traci Caldwell, HR representative, and Charlene Guidos, manager talent development, help employees keep their careers on track.


If you wanted to pick up pointers on how to keep your Norfolk Southern career on track, the Safety and Service Expo was an excellent place to be. Human Resources employees staffed a booth to talk about the railroad’s online Career Center and to highlight some of the tools available.

Visitors were asked to take a short quiz to find out how much they knew about the career resources available on NS’ Employee Resource Center. In addition, they could carry away printed reference guides such as “Let Your Candidate Profile Tell Your Story” and “Keeping Your Career on Track.” Using computers logged on to the ERC, the HR representatives gave employees a personal walk-through of the Career Center site.

“We have a lot of resources available to us,” said Charlene Guidos, manager talent development. “Our goal is to coach people on how to use these tools to their advantage.”

HR has made improvements to the Career Center site and encourages employees to use it. At the Career Compass section, employees can find online training courses to help improve performance in their current role and acquire skills to advance to another position. At Job Descriptions, employees can peruse an NS jobs catalogue, helping them match their skill sets with job qualifications and identify gaps in required expertise. As they gain experience, employees can update their candidate profile on Career Track.

 “Norfolk Southern wants employees to have a successful career,” Guidos said. “That means more than just applying for your next job. It means making the most of the position you have now, making sure you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, keeping your Candidate Profile current, and taking advantage of all the resources available.”