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Safety Performance Awards


Best Safety Performance

Communications & Signals
(All groups had zero reportable injuries)
Group 1 Division - Dearborn, Harrisburg, Virginia
Group 2 Division - Georgia, Pocahontas, Central

C&S Construction
(All groups had zero reportable injuries)
Western Region, Eastern Region, Northern Region Group 1, Northern Region Group 2, Lines West CGA

Maintenance-of-Way and Structures - Region 
Program Maintenance

Maintenance-of-Way and Structures - Division
Group 1 - Lake
Group 2 - Alabama

Maintenance-of-Way and Structures - Production Gangs
Greenville, Dayton

Maintenance-of-Way and Structures - Shops
(Both groups had zero reportable injuries)
Maintenance Equipment-South, Roadway Material Yard

Outstanding Safety Performance Group

(At or below the 2012 corporate injury ratio goal of 0.71 reportable injuries per 200,000 employee hours)

Maintenance-of-Way and Structures - Division

Maintenance-of-Way and Structures - Gangs
Ft. Wayne

Best Safety Performance Engineering

Communications & Signals


Best Safety Performance

Group 1 - Dearborn
Group 2 - Illinois


(All groups had zero reportable injuries)
Group 1 - Kansas City, Conway, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Roanoke, St. Louis, Harrisburg, Cleveland
Group 2 - Charlotte, Detroit, Allentown, New Orleans, Sheffield, Toledo, Ashtabula

Outstanding Safety Performance

Division - Alabama
Terminal - Chicago, Norfolk

Best Safety Performance

Operating Division

Group 1 - Illinois
Group 2 - Alabama

Operating Region

Northern Region


Best Safety Performance

(All had zero reportable injuries)

Group 1 - Piedmont, Pittsburgh
Group 2 - Illinois

(All had zero reportable injuries)
Group 1 - Shaffers Crossing
Group 2 - Bellevue, Enola, Roanoke, Elkhart

Outstanding Safety Performance

DMMO Group 
Group 1 - Harrisburg
Group 2 - Georgia, Pocahontas

Outstanding Safety Performance

Conway, Chattanooga Diesel

Best Mechanical Department


Best Safety Support Services

Crew Management Center, Operation Service and Support, Mail Room and Reprographics, Intermodal Operations

Best Safety Non-Operations

Accounting Operations Atlanta, Accounting Operations Roanoke, Material Management

2013 AAR Railroad Safety Leadership Forum

(This railroad industry forum, to be held in April in Chicago, will recognize and share exemplary teamwork safety results. It replaces the Harriman Awards ceremony. NS’ Operations Division Safety and Service Committee, chaired by Mark Manion, evp and chief operating officer, selected the St. Louis committee to represent NS.)
St. Louis Terminal Local Safety and Service Committee 

Charleston Local Safety and Service Committee, Detroit Terminal Local Safety and Service Committee, Harrisburg Consolidated Local Safety and Service Committee

2013 Safety And Service Productivity Award

(This is a first-time award, recognizing teamwork in action that produces superior results in safety and service.)
Harrisburg Consolidated Local Safety and Service Committee