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Conducting business with integrity is a core NS value

December 2016

Larry Pennino, manager ethics compliance, leads Norfolk employees in a game of Jeopardy ethics.

NS Ethics ‘Jeopardy’ shows that serious business can be fun

Answer for “$500:” A spirited lunch and learn where employees compete in teams to test their knowledge of the Thoroughbred Code of Ethics and other Norfolk Southern policies and procedures.

Question: What is Norfolk Southern’s ethics and compliance Jeopardy?

Amid cheers and jeers, nearly 40 Norfolk employees on three teams spent a lunch hour recently in the McKinnon Building headquarters trying to be the first to answer questions about NS’ code of business conduct and policies covering things such as conflict of interest and protecting corporate assets. A few weeks earlier, in Atlanta, 50 employees in the Goode Building gathered for their own game of ethics Jeopardy.

Styling these lunch and learns after the popular TV game show was a first for NS’ ethics and compliance group, which sponsored them as part of its employee outreach program.

“It’s a way of getting the ethics message out to employees in a fun way,” said Larry Pennino, manager ethics compliance, who hosted the Norfolk event.

The session, part of the ethics and compliance group's ongoing employee engagement efforts, reflects NS' commitment to good corporate governance in the workplace, the marketplace, and the communities it serves. The friendly competition also gave ethics and compliance employees a chance to spot areas where employee knowledge of company policies might need refreshing.

“We have a communications plan, and if there are pieces missing that’s good to know,” said Wayne Lockwood, director ethics compliance. In Norfolk, members of Lockwood’s team joined the fun, including Steve Weatherman, senior compliance investigator; Alvin Dayday, compliance investigator; and Angela Cox, senior compliance investigator. Jake Allison, vice president audit and compliance, also attended.

“It’s an opportunity for good personal interaction with employees and to put some faces with our department,” Lockwood said.

The Jeopardy categories were: Compliance and Ethics; Safeguarding Corporate Assets; Conducting Business with Integrity; NS policies and procedures; Ethics and Compliance Hotline; and Norfolk Southern.

Here's a sampling of the NS ethics rules and policies included in the ethics Jeopardy competition:

Answer: Something that is never an acceptable gift to or from a customer, supplier, or other party doing or seeking to do business with Norfolk Southern.

Question: What is cash?

Answer: When an employee’s personal interests interfere – or even appear to interfere – with the interests of Norfolk Southern.

Question: What is a conflict of interest?

Answer: The guidelines that explain company policies regarding employee use of social media.

Question: What are NS’ social computing guidelines?

Answer: The NS ethics and compliance website where employees can find information about the Thoroughbred Code of Ethics, corporate policies and procedures, and file a report to the NS ethics and compliance hotline.

Question: What is

Members of the winning teams in Atlanta and Norfolk received a cuddly NS Codey the Code Bear, the company's ethics and compliance mascot.

One question related to NS' SPIRIT values -- safety, performance, integrity, respect, innovation, and teamwork.