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Summer 2013

BizNS, produced by the Corporate Communications Dept., examines NS issues and opportunities.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | Summer 2013

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Top stories in this issue


NS' sustainability journey

Across NS employees are engaged in sustainability, whether it is recycling office or shop waste or doing things to conserve energy. Those efforts align with corporate initiatives to embed sustainability in the fabric of railroad operations.

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Progress on greenhouse gas

In 2010, Norfolk Southern established a five-year goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 10 percent per revenue ton-mile by 2014. Three years in, NS has achieved 69 percent of the goal.

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Fuel efficiency is key

NS has led the industry in developing technologies to improve fuel efficiency and is reaping benefits as they are deployed across the network.

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Locomotive rebuilds: ultimate in recycling

NS' locomotive rebuild programs involve recycling 1970s- and 1980s-era locomotive bodies and installing more fuel-efficient, lower-emission engines.

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Sustainability at the top

The Environmental Policy Council plays a key role in overseeing sustainability, ensuring that all departments contribute. Deb Butler, executive vice president planning and chief information officer, is chair.

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Roanoke SustaiNS lives sustainability

Whether encouraging carpooling and bike riding to work or setting up rainwater barrels at a local school, the Roanoke SustaiNS group is dedicated to sharing the sustainability message.

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Lighting projects improve workplace

During 2012, NS' energy services group initiated six lighting replacement projects at rail yard facilities that have improved nighttime visibility for employees and generated energy and cost savings.

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An ENERGY STAR in Roanoke

NS' office building in Roanoke, Va., has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® certification following energy-efficiency improvements.

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Brighter days (and nights) at Lamberts Point

Lamberts Point Terminal is the latest NS facility to undergo a lighting overhaul.

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Gains in train metrics

Three years after unveiling Movement Planner, the sophisticated software system is revealing its promise. A study of train movements shows the system contributed to improvements in train velocity and on-time performance.

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With WellNS, employees take charge

While America faces an obesity epidemic, a growing number of NS employees are determined to fight the battle of the bulge.

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In Modalgistics, healthy living is contagious

Eileen Relford noticed something different about her co-workers: They spent their lunch hour at the gym instead of at fast food restaurants, snacked on fruit instead of candy, and tried to walk throughout the day. She decided to take their lead.

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NS expands reach on rail safety

Residents in NS don't often get a chance to ride a train to learn about railroad safety. NS helped make that happen, teaming up with Operation Lifesaver to offer excursions that promoted highway-rail and pedestrian safety.

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Taking a cooperative approach

With NS' shift in operating culture, supervisors are working more closely with union representatives to identify ways to correct undesirable employee behaviors and boost morale.

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Extra effort to satisfy customers

Ricky Jones starts his job as a conductor long before he clocks into the Gainesville, Ga., yard each morning. He logs onto his home computer the night before to find out what railcars he will be pulling. It's not a requirement. It's all about customer service.

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On a winning streak in Cleveland

When it comes to culture change, the transformation at NS' Cleveland Terminal is almost seismic. Improved communication is a key.

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Chicago's role in culture change

Located amid the nation's busiest rail hub, NS' Chicago Terminal sets the pace for the Dearborn Division and the Northern Region. It has been critical to the railroad's SPIRIT culture shift.

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From the NS archives

Here's a view of farmers and the railroad from July 1943.

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A day for hiring heroes

It was red, white, and blue at Chicago's Union Station as "veterans" locomotives from NS and Amtrak served as backdrop at a "Hiring Our Heroes" jobs fair.

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