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NS coal facts

Fall 2013

Lamberts Point coal facility
The Lamberts Point coal facility can hold up to 6,500 coal cars on 150 miles of track.

Lamberts Point is one of about 15 U.S. coal export terminals.

In 2012, Pier 6 handled 18.9 million tons, or 15 percent of the total 125.7 million tons of U.S. export coal. Combined with 8.2 million tons through Baltimore’s port and slightly more than 1 million tons through Convent, La., NS handled nearly 23 percent of total U.S. coal exports. More than three-quarters of the tonnage moved by NS was metallurgical coal bound for steel plants in 21 countries across Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Overall, coal made up 26 percent of NS’ total railway operating revenues in 2012. NS moved a total 156.1 million tons in 1.4 million carloads.


– Utility coal, 101.6 million tons, 65 percent
– Export coal, 28.3 million tons, 18 percent
– Domestic met coal, 18.7 million tons, 12 percent
– Industrial coal, 7.4 million tons, 5 percent


The M/V Negonego in September broke the record for amount of coal loaded on a single vessel, but the ship – while a behemoth – was not the largest to ever call on Pier 6. According to pier records:

M/V Hyundai Continental, 1,014 feet,
docked June 2, 1988

M/V Nord Atlantic, 176 feet one inch,
docked April 9, 1985

M/V Venture, 176 feet one inch,
docked Nov. 14, 1985

M/V Negonego, 168,977 net tons,
docked Sept. 19, 2013 (984 feet long,
164 feet wide)