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Spring 2014

BizNS, produced by Corporate Communications, examines NS' opportunities and challenges.

Negonego at Pier 6






Inman Yard 2013MAR_02

These railroaders get the job done

As the right hand to division superintendents, Norfolk Southern's assistant division superintendents help oversee everything from daily operations and discipline to culture change. They are expected to remain uncompromising yet flexible, forthright yet tactful, firm yet compassionate. Tough job? You bet.

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Rob Dickson: ‘Knocking down barriers’

Rob Dickson, the Central Division's assistant superintendent, is all about open communication and knocking down barriers between management and employees.

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Mike Giles: Something new every day

A ringing telephone at 1, 2, or 3 in the morning might bring news of a derailment, mainline blockage, injury, or some other issue affecting train movement. Mike Giles, assistant superintendent of the Piedmont Division, springs into action.

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Gaylon Bancroft: A 24/7 mindset

Ask Gaylon Bancroft what time he clocks off duty, and he’s likely to say never. “It’s a 24/7 assignment,” says the Illinois Division assistant superintendent. 

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Roanoke shop on the rise

Roanoke Locomotive Shop is experiencing what shop manager Chuck Sloan describes as a resurgence. Shop employees have taken on an important role in NS’ growing locomotive rebuild program, and they are developing capabilities unique within the industry.

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20140109 Battery Tool04


Employees put ingenuity to work

The ingenuity of craft employees at Roanoke Locomotive Shop is reflected in tools they’ve developed to make their jobs safer, easier, and more efficient. They have produced award-winning innovations.

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Getting personal with Ethics & Compliance

“I am Norfolk Southern Ethics & Compliance” is NS’ theme for this year’s Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week, scheduled for May 4-10.

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From the NS archives

A black-and-white photograph in the Norfolk Southern archives captures the proud moment of a Norfolk and Western railroader receiving his 50-year service pin. The pin was recently donated to the NS archives.

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