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NS pushes for continuous improvement with focus on sustainability

June 2021

NS moves vehicles from Toyota’s Westlake vehicle processing facility in Jacksonville, Florida, pictured here.

Toyota recognizes NS with 2020 environmental and kaizen awards

Norfolk Southern has won two awards from Toyota Logistics Services that recognize our commitment to sustainable business practices and continuous improvement in customer service.

Our railroad is proud to earn Toyota’s Environmental Award and Kaizen Award for 2020. The recognition reflects a close collaboration with Toyota and among members of the NS team, including employees in Operations, Marketing, Network Planning & Optimization, Environment, and Sustainability.

“Toyota is known as a leader in vehicle quality, sustainability, and continuous improvement, and this recognition shows how we are focused on driving operating efficiencies while simultaneously thinking about the environment,” said Andrew Lynch, group vice president automotive marketing. “Our team is always looking internally at where inefficiencies lie in the supply chain and how we can do things better, faster, and stronger. It’s great to be recognized by a company like Toyota, which shares our commitment to ongoing improvement and sustainability.”

The Kaizen Award is based on changes NS implemented to optimize train plans and improve service delivery at two key Toyota vehicle distribution facilities. The Environmental Award recognizes NS’ innovative sustainability efforts, ranging from our strategic approach to reducing locomotive fuel use and emissions to initiatives that restore and preserve the natural environment while achieving key business goals.

“Sustainability is a value that guides our work and decision-making across all areas of our company,” said Josh Raglin, chief sustainability officer. “Just like safety, sustainability is becoming part of our DNA as we provide a low-carbon transportation solution to support our nation’s economy and environment.”

Toyota recognized NS’ living shoreline project at our Lamberts Point Norfolk Terminal as an innovative project that generates environmental and business benefits.