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Big Data Charts a Track to the Future

Time for another #TechTalk! Today, we’re excited to highlight how Norfolk Southern is using predictive data analytics to more intelligently maintain our extensive rail network.

When you consider that NS operates over 19,500 miles of track, monitoring the health of our rail infrastructure and replacing  worn-down rail segments might seem like a daunting task. But by analyzing the vast number of data points collected from our on-track equipment, NS has developed predictive models that can proactively forecast when our track curves will need replacement.

These models, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, allow NS to predict the wear and tear on our rail curves up to five years into the future! This amazing five-year look-ahead window enables NS to design a smarter, safer track-maintenance program.

And track wear is only one of several applications on which NS is working to unlock the secrets hidden in big data. Stay tuned for future #TechTalk entries to learn about other exciting areas where NS is leveraging data to help us reimagine a more intelligent railroad of the future.