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Two Teams-One Vision

Energy services is part of the energy and facility services group at Norfolk Southern. The team’s main objective is to effectively manage utility consumption and expenditures systemwide. It also promotes energy efficiency by looking for ways to reduce energy use. Researching the latest technology, energy services provides lighting retrofits, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment, and other replacement opportunities for work locations systemwide.

As the company works to identify large-scale energy solutions, progress depends on the input and participation of employees. Energy consumption happens at every corner of the system, and employees at each location are best situated to know how energy issues can be addressed.

Employees are encouraged to share their successes and challenges with energy services and contact the team to assist on energy-efficiency projects at work locations.

Saving Energy Begins with You

Every employee plays a role when it comes to saving energy at Norfolk Southern. Here are ways employees can contribute:

  • Dress in layers appropriate to the season. In winter, it is better to wear a sweater or other appropriate clothing than it is to use potentially unsafe and energy-wasting space heaters.
  • During summer months, save 1 to 3 percent per degree for each degree the thermostat is set above 72 degrees.
  • Turn off lights and shut down PC monitors when leaving for the day.
  • When in the shop, look for compressed air leaks and report them immediately.
  • In extreme hot or cold weather, unless an opening is needed for ventilation, open outside doors for the absolute minimum duration, and close outside doors as soon as you can.
  • Turn off HVAC systems when not needed.

Recycling: An Opportunity for Action

Norfolk Southern’s sustainability group facilitates startup of recycling services across the system.

If recycling is not available at your location, consider the following steps:

  1. Obtain permission from your supervisor to pursue a recycling program.
  2. Contact NS' manager corporate sustainability or senior manager energy and facility services to set up a review of recycling opportunities.
  3. If your supervisor and NS' sourcing group approve the recycling bid, promote the program with posters and appropriate notices.

Additional resources on starting and promoting recycling programs, including posters, are available on the corporate sustainability SharePoint site.

Commit to save 5% electricity

Saving 5 percent of electricity at work equals an annual cost reduction of $2 million for Norfolk Southern. This is equivalent to the price of a new locomotive or 21 new coal hoppers. All of us can make a difference in controlling energy consumption and costs.

S – Secure lights and appliances when not in use.

A – Adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter for optimal savings.

V – Verify doors are closed and air leaks repaired.

E – Environmentally appropriate clothing should be worn to control body temperature.

In addition to saving money, lowering energy use benefits the environment. Reducing the company’s electricity consumption by just 5 percent annually would save about 22.6 million kilowatt hours, avoiding more than 13,850 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the same impact as 1.3 million tree seedlings growing for 10 years.

Energy Consumption

Norfolk Southern purchases energy to light rail yards and facilities, heat and cool office spaces, compress air, keep track switches free of ice, and perform industrial processes to maintain locomotives and rail cars. This is part of the cost of doing business. We can reduce that cost by treating energy like the commodity it is.

The energy team negotiates contracts in available energy markets to ensure the company pays the least amount of money per unit of electricity and natural gas. The rest is up to employees and how much energy they need to conduct their work.

Please visit the Norfolk Southern InnovatioNS website to offer your ideas to conserve energy at work.

Contact Information

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Senior Manager Energy and  Facility Services | 757-823-5209
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