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Faces of Sustainability

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Reducing environmental impact

While rush-hour congestion on Atlanta highways is legendary, Mark Cogan and Dorothy Terry don’t worry about traffic. These two employees don’t drive to work: Cogan walks or bikes and Terry hops on a commuter bus.
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JJ Welch

A voice for WellNS

Jim Welch is senior general foreman at Norfolk Terminal’s rail car shop. He never thought much about his health until he and his wife brought a new daughter into the world four years ago.
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Jim Kovac

Enhancing safety and productivity

Replacing parts on a 410,000-pound locomotive can be challenging. Jim Kovac, a machinist at Juniata Locomotive Shop, in Altoona, Pa., gets credit for figuring out a way to make it easier. 
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A little awareness goes a long way

Vickie Carroll-White and Shawna Baines have had family members affected by cancer and heart disease, and they have made it a personal mission to raise awareness about lifestyle risks that can lead to those diseases.
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Railroaders are residents, too

Daniel B. Huggins, NS assistant track supervisor on the Central Division in Chattanooga, Tenn., is committed to the safety and well-being of residents of his mountain city home.
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Helping those who need it most

Beja Jackson organized holiday giving projects in Roanoke, Va., that provided food and necessities to local charities. (Jackson is now a contracts officer in NS’ industrial products group based in Norfolk.)
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Looking out for the customer

Glenn D. Smith, locomotive engineer at Portsmouth, Ohio, gets to know the customers on his territory. When he learned about delayed freight deliveries to an agricultural customer, Smith made it his business to find a solution.
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A lifetime of volunteerism

Whether sorting cans at a local food bank, talking to Girl Scouts about railroad jobs, or mentoring business students, Deb Butler (who retired Oct. 1, 2015) makes volunteerism a fundamental part of her professional and personal lives.
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Speaking up for workplace safety

Pam Blakeney, system safety coordinator, thinks of Norfolk Southern as one big family. That view formed the basis of a campaign to support the company’s ongoing implementation of behavior-based safety processes.
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Sustainability is all about customer service

As manager of customer service, Greg Honore spends a lot of time looking at ways that Norfolk Southern can improve service and business relationships.
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Locomotive engine heater project saves fuel and reduces emissions

Mark Duve, Norfolk Southern’s mechanical engineer of locomotive design, spends many hours developing technologies to improve locomotive performance. His latest project is helping the railroad conserve fuel and reduce environmental impacts.
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Giving back to community

Canonization is not one of Rob Martínez’s goals. Instead, Norfolk Southern’s vice president of business development strives to be the best that he can be while using his gifts, skills, and faith to serve others.
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Sustainable business solution

Finding solutions to business challenges does not always cost a lot of money or require major changes. Laura Hoag, assistant superintendent, and Nick Wymer, senior technology analyst on our Dearborn Division, can attest to that.
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